• Bridal Counseling

    Bridal Counseling

    Do you have roller-coaster feelings of negative and positive emotions regarding your big day?

    Has everything about your wedding been about what your guests want and not you?

    Are you so exhausted that you are ready to get your wedding day over with?

    Are you arguing with your family and friends about your fairytale wedding?

    Are you ready to cancel the big wedding and go to the Justice of the Peace?

    Did one of your bridesmaids drop out of the wedding?

     Are you experiencing post-wedding depression?

    Are you a bridezilla?

    Have you cried yet!?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, call me! I want to help you!

    I help brides work through their unforeseen feelings of anxiety, sadness and uncertainty regarding their wedding planning and the big day. I also help brides to feel happier, calmer and better prepared for  their new lives as a wife. You deserve to look forward to your wedding day and marriage with excitement and optimism


    Wedding planning takes a lot of energy and patience.  It is not uncommon to become depressed with the planning of a wedding and all the stress that may sometimes accompany the experience. I have great success helping brides manage daily stressors and increase effective coping. When needed, I incorporate mindfulness-based interventions to help my brides reduce anxiety, impulsivity, increase concentration and regulate difficult emotions.

    Bridal counseling is not a long process. It can be two or three sessions depending on the bride’s desire. I offer an environment that invites you to process one of the most memorable days of your life!