• ““The true secret of joy lies in taking a genuine interest in all details of daily life “

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    It is important to know there is hope to feel better and have a satisfying life. We will discover the tools you already have inside of you that will help to find peace within, accomplish goals, focus and connect with others in a way that feels good.

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    Meet Kerri S. Overstreet

    Congratulations on taking one of the most important steps for individual wellness! I applaud you for your courage and commitment to seek counseling!

    I am a licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor and certified school counselor. I have a Master of Arts in mental health counseling with an ancillary in school counseling. I have worked in primary/higher education and private clinical settings.
    In addition, I am a career counselor as designated by the National Career Development Association and served as the 2014-2015 President of the Louisiana Career Development Association. I have worked with adolescents, individuals and groups for many years. I enjoy assisting people to overcome a wide range of obstacles regarding their mental health and career. I am passionate about helping my clients move past the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold them back and help them create positive change.

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